Being Allah’s slave: What does it mean?

11/01/2009 6 comments


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

In Him Whom Owns My Life, all praises are for Him.

It’s been a while since I have written in my blog. It’s been a tiring journey so far but it’s not over yet.

I apologise for not putting my Cairns photos yet. SubhanAllah, how Perfect is Him. His creations are just magnificent. InsyaAllah, I will put it in here and hope my friends could spend the time to visit the places.

This time around, I’ll talk a bit on being Allah’s servant. We have always said we want to be Allah’s slave. Our life is only for Allah. But what have we done for Him? Have we fulfilled His commands? I admit I am not the best person to talk about it. I am far from it, astaghfirulLah. But I wish to remind myself, especially and my dear beloved friends on the requirements of us being a Muslim.

Let us first remember the reason why we are here in this world:

“And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except they should worship Me (alone) (51:56).”

This is the command Allah has put us through. Worship Him and only Him. Not money and not power. Sometimes we only think that worship Him is only by doing salaah (prayers) 5 times a day, fasting during the month of Ramadhan, performing Hajj (pilgrimage) and Zakaah (obligatory charity). Is that it? Is that all we need to do? InsyaAllah that shouldn’t be too hard.

But wait a minute, I have an interesting story to tell. I once spoke to a believer of God after seeing me performing the salaah. He’s not a Christian anymore since he doesn’t believe in performing specific acts of worships. He said “Why should you limit yourself in only worshipping (remembering) God at only some times of the day?” It got me thinking of an answer. The answer is, in fact, every act that we do is an act of worship (ibadah) as long as we remember Allah in doing it, insyaAllah. Have we done this yet?

If we look at the average human life which is maybe 60 years, what is the ratio of our Ibadah to our life if we only include salaah, fasting, Hajj and Zakaah? A very small ratio indeed. What about the rest of our life? Let us all try to remember Allah every second of our life and make niat (intention) to do everything for Allah. InsyaAllah, we will not stray away from the straight path as in the doa (supplication) we ask from Allah every single day:

“Guide us to the Straight Way (1: 6)”

I shall stop here first. I shall talk about another command Allah has for us next time around, insyaAllah. I apologise for my weaknesses in conveying the message. All good comes from Allah alone and the weaknesses are from me. Allahualam. Wassalamualaikum.


Winter Holidays Take 2: Sydney

08/29/2009 2 comments

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum. Alright, I guess a month and a half has passed since the winter holidays. I did make a promise to write out my remaining Winter Holidays Experience. So now for Part 2 of the tale.

Sydney. Some may regard Sydney as the business central of Australia due to the massive number of large Multinationals based over there. The city of Sydney is huge and full of businesses, whether they are commercial or service based. Personally, I don’t like big cities. It’s too crowded and there are less chances of being able to enjoy the city life. Some may like it but will eventually in the end prefer the quiet, scenic lifestyle rather than the hustle and bustle of the big metropolitan environment. I do however like to visit Melbourne. While it may be as big as Sydney but there is a certain charm to Melbourne that attracts me to it. Even though I’ve been there twice, I can’t still get enough of Melbourne.

Alright, the Sydney trip. The journey was all by on my own. It’s not too bad traveling alone as there is no one that could hold you back but, I do like the company of another every now and then. So basically this is my..let me see..1, 2, .., 5. Yup, 5th trip to Sydney. So I’m pretty confident of traveling on my own in Sydney. The reason for me going to Sydney was to get an award that MASCA is giving which initially I didn’t feel like being there to receive it. I mean, would you fly 1000 kms and pay 300 dollars to get an award? But then, I thought about meeting my friends and this would be my last winter, InsyaAllah, in Australia. So that changed my mind. Plus, I need to practice taking shots. Lolz.

So on the way to Brisbane airport, I met another mate that was also on her way to Sydney but we were not on the same flight. Hers was an earlier one. Nevertheless, she missed her flight and had to get into another one. I don’t think this is relevant to my tale but Sydney isn’t so grand, so whatever. The flight itself was full of z’s for me. So not interesting at all. At the terminal, I meet Rahmat and Rozhan. They were going to participate in the games and by some luck took the same flight as I did. We chatted for a bit then I bought a weekly ticket and was on my way to my mate’s place in Sydney, somewhere near UNSW.

UNSW Scenary

That night, the Malaysian Sydneysiders have a thing called Tong where Art and Singing were showcased. I was only there because my mate (Ananda) asked me whether I wanted to follow him. Of course I do. I’m not an anti-social-living-under-the-shell sort of person. No offense, but I didn’t enjoy the songs that much. Maybe because I was just too tired from the travel. However, the photographic art did caught my attention. Some of them were just normal situations. Only a capable artist can make it look highly fascinating.  I met Puan Zaidah and she bought me dinner. Thanks Puan Zaidah. Lolz. So, a few dollars saved. After a few hours, it started raining and we went back to my mate’s place.

Malaysian Hall Sydney

Sydney Tong

So then, 2nd day in Sydney. I went to the accommodation venue for the games (Meriton Tower Apartments) and met with my friends from Adelaide. We chatted and had breakfast together. If you could consider having a kebab as breakfast that is. Then I met my Queensland friends and hang out with them during the day.

Adelaide Mates

View from above

I followed them to the games briefing in UTS and saw and chatted with some other friends. At this time however, I was feeling famished and thought about eating the food that they were serving. But, alas, someone said that they were only serving sausages so I followed some other friends to a Malaysian Restaurant nearby. I believe it was called Kafe Kasturi. I ordered Char Kuetiau. Foodwise: OK but pricewise: it hurts the pocket by quite a margin. But I’m hungry so enough said. Then I went back to UTS and met with some friends as well as new friends. Then I watched Flop Poppy performing as an intro to their act in the WLDU charity gig. I’m not going to mention more on the WLDU concert since I didn’t bother attending it and I’m leaving on the morning before the gig to attend Hj Rosli’s talk. Personally, Hj Rosli’s talk is more satisfying and free.


Flop Poppy

The next day, I went to the football field to catch my friends in action for football. It was raining heavily when I arrived at the venue. The fields were basically not suitable for playing. They were a mess. Stylish play will not work on those kind of conditions. Imagine this, if a ball gets stuck in a puddle of water, the ball will just stop dead in its track and try as the players might, either by trying to kick each other on the leg or some other techniques, the ball will not move. But the games did go on and Queensland managed to win 3rd place after losing narrowly in the semi-finals. Narrowly as in the opposition scored a goal in the first seconds of the game and just defending their lead with help from the field. I was also there watching netball and tennis and taking pictures at the same time.

NCG Football

NCG Tennis

I decided to crash in my Queensland mates’ place as it is easier for me to get to the venue from there. So after dinner, I started moving out from my other friend’s place to the apartment that they were staying.

3rd day: I went to spectate for the rugby matches as well as for futsal and basketball. Congratulations for the Queensland Rugby Team for getting Gold in their event. It’s been an overdue dream for all of them. Oh yeah, I did took some photos and that was it.

NCG Rugby

I managed to sneak out for a while and took pictures of some Sydney Icons.

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge

On the night, I went with the Queensland delegates to the Dinner that was held in Paddington Town Hall. I swear that the bus driver is making a short trip seem longer than it is by taking weird roads just to tell his stories. I was dressed in a formal suit which I believed was overkill. The theme mentioned Rockstar but must be either formal or traditional. Excuse me? Formal Rockstar? Since when? Traditional Rockstar? Now that is just ridiculous. But oh well, I guess I didn’t have enough creativity or the effort to think about it. I particularly didn’t like the dinner. The food wasn’t great for the price it was charged. I mean, you are attending a dinner and paid 100 for it but the food isn’t marvelous. Now what would you think? No offense to the Sydney organisers if you are reading this but that isn’t right. Then there is something called the prize giving ceremony. It was alright until the part where swimming was announced. It just went on and on and you know what, the winners are all from NSW. No wonder they wanted to include swimming but it’s their right if they are so desperate to cling on to the trophy. Overall, a good job to the organisers. Congratulations, nevertheless. I apologise if this blog entry might offend you.

So yeah, I took the award and then we left for the accommodation. I was really happy that they didn’t organise a public After Party like Melbourne did two years back. Allah could punish all those that are in the place even though he or she didn’t participate. Alhamdulillah. But still, I heard that there was an After Party for Malaysians in one of the clubs. Clubbing isn’t a Malaysian culture and as Muslims we should avoid even the thought of going to the place. Fear Allah and Love Allah, for Allah brings the Greatest Punishment.

This time, I felt like punching the bus driver due to his constant yapping about Sydney. We are already tired and you still want to keep us in the bus? “Someone’s gonna get a hurt real bad”. Finally we arrived at the apartment and did whatever we need to do.

The next day started really early for me as I need to catch my flight back to Queensland (Gold Coast airport). I did however managed to catch up with Pidut, my ex-schoolmate and had breakfast with him. If only we knew that I will be going to meet him again in Adelaide in a few weeks time after the games. So, I caught the plane with nothing really interesting happening along the way. Then I arrived and Gold Coast and had the longest 3 hours of my life. The journey from Cooloongatta to Brisbane took ages. I took two buses and two trains to get back to Brisbane. Oh the torment. I promise myself that I will never ever land in Cooloongatta again for a domestic flight.


– Went to Hj Rosli’s talk that night

– Caught the flu the next day

– Journeyed to Cairns that Wednesday

I guess that is it for now. I’ll tell you of my Cairns trip next time around. Wassalamualaikum.

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH Solat

07/26/2009 3 comments


To my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, I went to a talk yesterday by Hj Rosli. It was an intersting one. He talked about how the Prophet PBUH did his prayers/solat. I believed that this is an important aspect of a life of a Muslim and we should learn on how the Prophet did his prayers. As making the wudhu’ is an important part of performing the Solat, that was his topic yesterday. I find it fairly interesting as he mentioned of various aspect of making the wudhu’ according to how the prophet did it. He mentioned it with references from the hadith which I believed from a University student point of view to be very beneficial it shows how Islam prioritises referencing of knowledge. But that would be a different topic that InsyaAllah I will mention.

I realised that I don’t know enough on how the Prophet did his wudhu’. This talk opened my eyes and dismissed the misconception that I had from my school years. I am appalled that the curriculum is not accurate enough on how the Prophet did his wudhu’. With regards to this, a few questions that I would like to ask my fellow muslims:

1. Did you know that the Prophet can performed his wudhu’ with only one hand scoop of water? Islam does not encourage wastefulness.

2. Did you know that you only need to wipe your head once? The prophet only wipe his head once for wudhu’, not 3 times as we have learnt before.

3. Did you know that you need to wipe your whole head? The method of only washing 3 strands of hair is from a hadith that is weak. Please correct your practices.

4. Did you know that touching your private parts does not require you to make wudhu’ again?

5. Did you know that if you touched your spouse, you don’t have to make wudhu’ again?

If you do not know all of this, I would suggest you to watch the talk by Hj Rosli

This is the first part of his talk. There are a few parts in it and I would suggest you to watch all of it in whole. It is very useful for our knowledge, Insya-Allah. May Allah bless us.

With appreciation to Nizam for his outstanding efforts.


Wivenhoe and Ipswich

07/25/2009 1 comment

It has been a while since I have posted my stuff into this speck that is called the internet. But I have been busy with uni, exams and traveling. Alright, I’ll start talking about my travel to West of QLD. It was a trip with my friends, Ali, Han Lin and Sol. Ali rented a car (Nice ‘little’ Ford Falcom XR6). So then we were on our way to Wivenhoe damn and UQ Ipswich Campus. But before that, we went to Mt Cootha and captured the sunrise as it fell on Brisbane City early in the morn. Imagine, 6.30 AM in Winter. Man, that was intense and cold. But, all for the sake of photography. This is one of the photos I managed to take. For other photos, take a look at my facebook account. I’m just too lazy with uploading them over here.


Then we went and picked up Sol from his Corinda house. That is a journey in itself. We stopped by his house and cooked some brekky and at the same time being disturbed by this big cat. Lolz. Soon (kind of like one hour later), we were on our way. Since I was watching Wimbeldon the whole night, I typically fell asleep the whole journey. Imagine that intense five setter with a 30 game final set. Actually, now to think of it. It doesn’t make much difference. Only that watching someone achieve greatness is kind of cool. We’ll talk about it some other time, I guess. Then, I realised that I am already there at the dam. It has quite a nice view actually. Not bad to think about it. We took some photos and then we set off again.


Ali and Hanlin did some test drive with the car while me and Sol were out (tennis fatigue). Then we reached some shopping complex in Ipswich. We basically ate lunch there. Well, Nandos was our only salvation for meat over there of course. Then, by some weird chance, the guy manning the counter overcharge me in the bill. That did cause me some confusion and then we were given a bottle of coke from the guy. Then we asked him back, without drinking the coke of course, how much is it supposed to be. Then he admitted that he charged us for the coke and we got our money back. Well that was close, I prefer to drink plain water instead of coke (because plain water was free of course).  Then we set off to UQ Ipswich.

UQ Ipswich is much smaller than St Lucia. I guess the student population is much smaller than that of St Lucia. I mean, who would want to study in Ipswich? I prefer a bit of city life I guess. The best thing was the library. It got plants in it. More like the library is in the forest. I have a hunch that this is the library that is shown in the UQ promos. Imagine students would be impressed to study in a forest. How calming would that be? Haha.


Then we started our journey home. It was an interesting and refreshing (from the sleep) journey. That is it for my first part of my holiday travel log. I’ll post more once I have the time. Thesis is going to murder me.

Proud to be Malaysian

05/21/2009 1 comment

What a surprise. A Malaysian games studio has won the BAFTA (games) award in London ( Well, basically, the parent company is in London but the studio is in Malaysia, somewhere (I presume in KL/Cyberjaya). The company in discussion is Codemasters Studios, believe it or not? This is just amazing. I never thought Codemasters (London based Game Company) would set up their studios in Malaysia, let alone win awards for it.

For those gamers that never bothered to remember what games did Codemasters produced, I’ll list some of them:

  • Colin McRae Dirt – very famous rally game, which I have already completed.

  • Race Driver GRID – an awesome game and I’m looking forward to my copy soon.

Plus they are also in the development period of Dirt 2 and other projects, which people are eagerly waiting.

I’ll probably mention what game won it for Codemasters Studios (Malaysia). It was Race Driver GRID. Amazing right? I really never thought Malaysia could be in the gaming map. Wonderful. My hope for the future: Blizzard or Bethesda would set up a studio in Malaysia and all of us could be proud of Fallout or Starcraft. Now that is a dream. So, PM Najib, get moving and ask those game studios to set up in Malaysia. They would provide a nice stream of income.

Peace out. Maybe I’ll review Colin McRae Dirt later on. Kudos to The Star for the article

Mamak Nite by UQMSA

05/20/2009 5 comments

Mamak Nite is coming again. We (since I am part of the committee) will be tweaking with the format slightly. We’ll be selling tickets this time around. I have included some information on the upcoming Mamak Nite in this blog post:

Date: 29th May 2009

Time: 5.15 to 8.30 PM

Place: Rooftop Terrace, UQ

Menu: Delicious Malaysian Cuisinse (of course) and includes Roti Canai (wouldn’t be mamak if this was not here), Mee Goreng, Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang and Steamed Rice. Also includes Kuih-Muihs as desserts and Teh Tarik as drink. We also serve for  all you vegie brothers and sisters

Price: AUD 7.00 (This is really reasonable for the food and place). This is our token of appreciation to our members for their support (Yes, we are giving a subsidy to all of you).

This will be a members only event and shame on those UQ Malaysians that are not our members. But yeah, you can join before you buy the tix and get the tix after that. Please also bring your membership cards in order to buy the tix.

We will be selling tix on 21st, 26th*, 27th* and 28th* of May near the Main Refec from 12 – 2 PM (*: subject to tix availability). As a plus, we will be selling the all time favourite Nasi Lemak to our members tomorrow. I’ll be the seller tomorrow so hopefully I’ll see you guys then. Peace out.

Oh yeah, check out the advert below:

Delicious Food Ahoy

Delicious Food Ahoy

Star Trek’s Review

05/20/2009 1 comment
Star Trek

Star Trek

My Take on Star Trek:

1. This Movie is just awesome. For someone like me that is not a Trekkie (Star Trek hardcore fan), I am able to enjoy the movie with its razzmatazz and over the top technology without any difficulty at all. This movie is enjoyable and makes me wanting for me.

2. First on the cast:-

  • Chris Pine is believable as a captain of the Enterprise (The name of the Spacecraft that they are traveling in) and he did mention that he did his homework on Captain Kirk. So, good on him. However, he did mention that he modeled his acting on Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones and Han Solo which can be seen from the action scenes that they perform.
  • Zachary Quinto is not too bad as Spock. He shows all the conflict evident within his half Human-half Vulcan character (Vulcan: Alien Race in Star Trek, his pops married a human). It is evident within him of the human emotions that are present and his control of the emotions. I guess getting some advice from Leonard Nimoy does help. Honestly, I have never seen him acted in Heroes before, seriously I have never seen Heroes. Lame right?
  • Karl Urban: His acts as Bones does make him as one of the closest friend of Captain Kirk.
  • Simon Pegg: What else can I say. He acted in Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. Two very good movies, IMHO. He provides some sort of comedic relief as well. In addition, he does seem smart in the movie unlike his other acts. He is also an engineer (WOOT for Engineers and Warp Drive).
  • Leonard Nimoy: Well, he is indeed the original Spock. So, no comments needed.
  • Other Casts: Makes the whole movie come together and fit by itself.

3. JJ Abrahms did a very good job with the directing. A bit of Star Wars influence, I agree since audience nowadays like their movies fast-paced-with-plot-expanding-as-you-go type. So, this is a no brainer. He did reinvent the whole franchise again and did a job in doing it. There are 2 more Star Trek films coming up and I can’t wait for them to come out (Yeah, everything is about making a trilogy, money is everything).

4. Congratulations to Star Trek for its actions and acting. It deserved the accolades and box office collection it is getting.

5. Some interesting facts:

  • Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are close friends. Hence we can see the chemistry between them.
  • William Shatner (comedian and the original Captain Kirk) wanted to be given screen time in the film similar to Leonard Nimoy (he just misses being Captain Kirk) but was refused since he would not fit the purpose.
  • Both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto could not perform the Live Long and Prosper Salute ( the V shape fingers salute) and needed extra help. Quinto got his fingers glued and Pine got his fingers tied up together. It is a shame right? I can do it without any help but my fingers were damaged by Volvo doors before, so that might be the reason that I could perform the salute.
  • I got to watch the preview screening in Australia. So basically I got to watch the movie earlier than all of you guys by about one week plus earlier. Thanks to Contagious and Ali for being my date. Lolz.

6. My verdict: Watch this film. You would not regret it unless you don’t like Science at all. Nah, just kidding. Watch it and I believe you’ll enjoy it. I guess I had enough Superheroes for a change (no Wolverine). For better quality reviews, I would recommend as they have one of the most unbiased review online.

Thats all for this morning. Peace out.

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